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Camera bag?

I don't have a bag for my camera, yet. Since I've haven't been able to leave the house much it hasn't been an issue. Any recommendations on bags? I' got a Sony A350 along with 18-70 & 75-300 lenses.

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Snazzy new camera

In honor of the above and not having much/any time to really play with it yet... you get a picture of my cat.

Lucky you.

ETA: Anyone want to go on an expotition with me while I try to figure out how to use this thing :D
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(no subject)

I'm trying to figure out how to tell anyone still reading what just happened with the cat without giving any of the more disgusting details. I'll just say it involved cat herding & wrangling and a literal end to a shitty couple of weeks.

I've been avoiding the melatonin, what with the S.A.D. season and all, but I've been substituting coffee and stress for sunlight while at work so I'd kind of like to sleep soon.

I realized today that I took monday and tuesday off. Free room to myself, in Laughlin with the family. I agree to this stuff thinking, "this will be nice/good/fun" only remembering too late what my family is really like. Expect tweets-a-plenty while I try not to commit homicide. Anyone want to come with/help me?

My brain is full of stuff I don't feel like I'm allowed to talk about. I'm bottled up again and that's no good.
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I find it interesting that there was no OH NOES BETTIE PAGE IS DYING!!one! posts on my friends page and now nothing about her death. Considering all the half assed celebrities I've seen spark that reaction, I'm a bit surprised.
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Potatoes for the foodies

I have acquired a 10lb bag of potatoes for $0.99. Other than basics and a great recipe I have for potato soup, I'm a bit stumped. Any awesome potato recipes you'd like to share? Please???

Also, If you want a card don't forget the poll.

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Sometimes I wish they wouldn't give you the "just so you're informed" info when you get the flu shot. Am now afeared I might be pregnant when I wasn't before. Gee, thanks for that.

In other news... I finally got a (crappy) pic of the Crazy Truck on the freeway. I will try to upload with a transcription at some point. There were a couple handmade Michael Savage signs in the bed, if that tells you anything.

Per my tweet, I am still twitchy and don't know why. Hopefully bedtime will relieve all that.

Also! J gave me a bit o' shoulder rub as I was doing dishes last night and headache is better though not completely gone. I'm gonna blame the apocalypse (3MILES OF LOCUSTS IN AUSTRALIA ZOMG!!one!) and stress for this one.
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