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I forgot to buy rice and melatonin while at the store. No sleepy for me.

I've had an alarming headache for almost two days straight.
I've managed to destroy another phone.

Oct. 30th, 2008

Anyone know where I can get a rockabilly type dress/outfit at the last possible moment? It's for a friend's wedding this weekend. Thanks.

** nevermind. I think I can make my LBD work with the right accessories. Woot!
Food no longer holds any pleasure for me.
If I don't get a real haircut soon I'm going to find a flobee to borrow.
If i rub a dryer sheet on my head do you think it would help?
I think just need a friendly ear.
"She told me I should keep reading-that books were mirrors, reflective in sometimes unpredictable ways."