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Deliberately Obtuse
7 June
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daisy is not for the fortune
daisy is screaming
daisy is available for adoption
daisy is going to town
daisy is dead < under construction
daisy is driving me crazy
daisy is not spoken by any of the character in shakespeare's writings
daisy is in the field happily grazing
daisy is the bittersweet drama about the unspoken friendship between this unlikely pair over a quarter of a century
daisy is driving furiously
daisy is a curious and determined little duck who is sure to win the hearts of little readers
daisy is a compound word meaning "day's eye
daisy is a relatively new format
daisy is not here at the moment
daisy is often presented in and surrounded by shades of white
daisy is a trapped woman
daisy is short and stocky and has very pretty spotting yet moves with grace and dignity
daisy is a wound herb of good respect
daisy is the one that grows in lawns
daisy is mistaken
daisy is still running
daisy is finally ready
daisy is always "on the go"
daisy is above all else a place to relax and enjoy good food
daisy is a conscious schemer throughout
daisy is currently fostered
daisy is described in full
daisy is a familiar sight in fields

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